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Sleeping bag: three to four season or confort down to -5C° minimum.
Sleeping mat: if you are camping or bivouacking
2 walking poles (optional)
Water bottle (one litre minimum – two litres advised)
Torch or head lamp
Wet wipes
Toilet paper and matches
Ear plugs
Small mirror for shaving
Thermarest is strongly recommended for extra comfort, a thin foam mat is provided.

2 to 3 seasons boots with an excellent grip sole and solid ankle support.
Trekking socks
Warm fleece
Shorts and long trousers
Thermal T-shirts
Sun hat + warm hat
Bathing suit

Medical supplies:
Antiseptic cream or spray
Insect repellent
Silicone blister pads
Sterilized gauze

Sun and rain protection
Sunglasses and sun cream
Sun hat
Wind and waterproof jacket (Goretex style)

For your Picnics
A good cutting knife, fork, spoon and plastic cup
Some plastic bags
Tupperware box 0,8L with lid that closes

Relaxing time
Trainers or open sandals
Warm fleece and casual wear

Your pack should have a capacity of 50L. You should carry at all times your personal pharmacy and warm protective clothing.

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